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       We offer the best motors, flywheels, gearboxes and other parts to make your HO/HOn3 locomotives run better than you ever imagined they could.
With the wide acceptance of DCC in model railroading a new emphasis has been placed on smooth running locomotives that draw very little current. Almost any diesel locomotive you could want is currently available from at least one of several good manufacturers. Several excellent steam locos are also available but for the modeler of a particular railroad an impressive roster of steam locomotives is only available in brass but many of these do not run with the smoothness currently expected. My experience has been that the older Japanese locomotives will actually provide the best long term service in heavy layout use. Unfortunately these locomotives come with motors that are not well suited to DCC operation and occasionally have additional mechanical problems.

        After 30 years of testing and improving brass locomotives, I have developed modifications to make older brass steam engines run as well as the best new models. We offer all the parts and supplies necessary to do these conversions and offer custom kits to make it easy to do the work and develop the confidence and skills to do it yourself.

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